Featured Client: Bismark’s Bistro


The Pouch Shop started back in 2012 with the aim of supporting Small and Medium size Companies, helping them get up and running quickly. By supplying quality, professional packaging in small enough quantities instantly, we have tried to enable our clients to grow their brands from Day 1. We soon found that each client had a unique story to tell; different passions and different needs, but all with a drive to succeed.

With that in mind, we have decided to showcase some of our clients and run a series of blog posts highlighting their businesses and how they have used our pouches to grow their brand in their own unique and professional way.

Bismark’s Bistro

Our first featured client is Bismark’s Bistro. Bismark’s Bistro offers freshly cooked meals for dogs and includes Biscuits and Treats, Braai Packs, Party meals, Custom dog meal boxes and Trial packs. They are simple, freshly cooked nutritious meals and can be custom made to dogs with digestive / health issues and allergies. Dogs require very specific proportions of meat protein, organ meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs, seeds, fresh produce and carbohydrates. All Bismark’s Bistro meals are grain free.

Who is Bismark?

Bismark is the mini schnauzer furbaby of Adele and Fritz Mans. Bismark had a heart attack at age 3. They were devastated. The prognosis was very poor and according to the vet, the only way to save him was with emergency open heart surgery, at a cost of R45 000! The vet didn’t have any information about healthier diet options, and warned that any squirrel hunting or running on the beach – the two things Bismark loves most – could result in sudden death.

After a painful period of contemplating and researching their options, they decided to avoid any drugs and to try the ‘natural route’ instead. The first step was to research his diet.

We’d thought we were feeding him the best dog food on the market, and considered him a spoilt little show dog with very expensive taste! Until the extensive research started and we came up with the formulations we currently have available…..”

Read the full story here:  https://www.bismarksbistro.co.za/bismarks-story/

What pouches do they use?

Their cooked meals are packed into our frosted flat bottom bags (according to your dog’s weight). For dogs suffering with weight problems food can be calculated to help your dog lose or gain weight.

One box contains 14 bags of food. Your dog should eat two full bags of food per day if he only eats from our Bistro. Bismark’s Bistro can be served on its own (14 bags will be 7 days’ worth of food if your dog eats twice daily), or as a topping over dry dog food to give your dog some variety and real nutrition. Some of their clients prefer to serve the existing diet (even raw) with a Bistro bag every other day for added nutrition. Bags can be frozen and naturally thawed. They have trial packs available to try out.

Their fresh vegetables and fruit are sourced from small farmers around Cape town and they support the local farming community by buying fresh every week. Their meat and chicken is sourced from farms in the Karoo and they only provide fresh ethically sourced ingredients.

Bismark is the CEO and also the most difficult boss to work for. He is a mini schnauzer with a healthy appetite and a fiesty, brave soul. He was a very sick boy so any food that is not correctly prepared will upset him. He tests a test portion from every batch they produce at the end of a day to ensure that it is fat free and healthy. Currently he is in the best health of his life.

They are expanding their range to puppies and cats and are looking forward to assisting pet owners with furry babies and feline family members.