Featured Client: Pause Coffee Roastery


Today we are taking a closer look at the Pause Coffee Roastery located in the Western Cape. In 2009, a friend inspired the founder of Pause Coffee Roastery, Wessel Kruger, to start experimenting with micro roasting coffee at home. What started as a hobby, soon proved to produce much better results than any coffee he could find at the time from coffee shops or in supermarkets. At the time, this was just a hobby and Wessel had no aspirations of turning into a business, although, all dinner dates from here on forth inevitably had to be finished off with coffee at home.

After leaving the big city for the Garden Route in 2014 and stepping out of the corporate world in 2016, I immersed myself full time into sharing my joy of freshly roasted speciality coffee with the world.

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The Technical Approach

Pause Coffee Roastery applies a technical approach to both the roasting process and coffee preparation. What else would you expect from a company whose founder has a background in mechanical engineering and a focus on heat transfer and thermodynamics?

The past five years have been a pursuit of quality over quantity. Their skilled team of roasters and baristas have worked hard to establish Pause Coffee Roastery as the Home of Speciality Coffee in the Garden Route, South Africa. With this title, they pursue excellence in everything they do – from their green bean coffee, equipment, staff training, and finally their packaging (enter The Pouch Shop).

What pouches do they use?

Every bag of coffee that leaves their roastery is freshly packed and heat-sealed in a flat bottom matte white bag that consists of a one-way valve and a zipper. They make sure that their freshly roasted coffee can easily degas after being packaged and, once opened, customers can easily reseal the bag ensuring their coffee stays fresher for longer. From sourcing, roasting, and selling, their mission is to provide customer satisfaction in every bag of coffee that they sell.

Where can you find them?

In 2017 Pause Coffee Roastery found its first home at Timberlake Village in Wilderness. The bakery and pizzeria complement the offering at this eclectic space. Technical analysis of every roast passes through their roasting team that diligently ensures that coffee enthusiasts everywhere can experience the beauty of speciality coffee.

Their second home, in collaboration with The Deacon Bistro, opened its doors in 2018 in George. They will also be expanding in the coming months, opening a new space in the quaint little town of Knysna.

Pause Coffee has captivated its supporters and humble coffee drinkers through its vision to bring speciality coffee to the people. They share their joy and passion with everyone that encounters them, that is why they retail in a variety of shops and restaurants. Can’t make it out to Wilderness to try their coffee? Shop online, where you can purchase any of their speciality single-origin coffees or popular blends.