Featured Client: Hand Made Coffees


About 12 years ago, Garvey McConnell started up a small coffee roastery in the tiny Ciskei village of Hamburg that is his home. Some might call it a micro roastery, but actually it’s more like a nano roastery! He started small and has intentionally stayed that way. This means that even now, more than a decade after he began, his cash-flow still won’t allow for the huge print-runs that are required to use fancy printed packaging. In the beginning, he needed a specialized packaging supplier, flexible enough to accommodate his very small needs; and he still needs that today.

Supporting Small Businesses

I remember one of my first conversations with Chris, when he said: “We will be able to help with those needs too, when you grow to need them!”. I guess that might still happen one day, but until then I’m very grateful for the role the Pouch Shop (with their ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions) has played in the journey my business is on.

What pouches do they use?

Hand Made Coffees use Stand up pouches for their coffee.